Gripple® Shows Off Angel Hanger

The Angel Hanger is designed for architectural lighting suspensions, signage, acoustic baffles and all other installations where aesthetics are important.

  • Simple one handed operation for easy adjustment
  • Contemporary design to compliment the overall suspension
  • Extensive range of ceiling fixtures allowing installation in most locations
  • Suitable for loads up to 33 lbs. at a 5:1 safety factor, to accommodate a range of suspensions
  • Variety of end fixings to enable attachment to different fixing points
  • Supplied in convenient, ready-to-use kits in lengths up to 30 ft at standard
  • Uses 1/16" cable to make the suspension as discreet as possible

For more info on the Angel Hanger or more Gripple® products, visit or contact LAI.


Click to play | Video provided by Gripple®

Dustin Schaefer